Chin Yee

Aspiring baker, on a keto diet

Chin Yee is currently taking up baking classes to master the art of baking keto compliant cakes and pastries. She loves to travel and she enjoys Asian cuisines, namely Japanese, Malay, Indian and Thai. Dim Sum is her stand out comfort food. She came from Perlis, Malaysia, is staying in Singapore and works for one of the largest Thai developers. She loves travelling and will travel for food even when broke. She enjoys cycling along East Coast Park and aspires to be a better badminton player. She would like to train under Lee Chong Wei but he is not taking any students at the moment.


Loves the MacDonald’s Har Chong Gai Burger, loves his new Lenovo laptop

Kevin loves to try new food. When he is not at his desk blogging or editing videos, you can find him at the nearby hawker stall devouring plate after plate of char kway teow. He is a supporter of Newcastle Football Club and is happy to see them back in the English Premier League. He would like to spend more time travelling and vlogging about food and travel but is constantly reminded by his inner conscience that he has to sell more properties to pay the bills. According to him, every property review video should start with the phrase, “Yo what’s up everybody”.


Can eat from the same chicken rice stall every day of the week, 365 days a year.

Let this be known, Daryl is here to help us with the property section of things. If a person can visit Bangkok and eat from the same food court in Terminal 21 for just about every meal, then he doesn’t qualify to comment about food. He is trying to change. The last time he was there he was spotted entering Greyhound and After You Cafes. He loves to play football and would like to be the next Steven Gerrard for Liverpool Football Club. However, age is catching up and we advised him to focus on his day job of selling properties in Singapore and Bangkok.